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Mr Porter's Glossary of Men's Style


An abbreviation of Oxford Cloth Button Down - a type of shirt that is a staple of American Ivy League style.

O Keefe

Blending Irish design cues with fine Italian craftsmanship and technical know-how, O'Keeffe shoes are handcrafted in small batches with what the brand terms, "A ready worn-in and hand-me-down feel". Design inspiration comes from the landed gentry of the early 20th century.

Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples was founded in Hollywood in 1986 when opticians Messrs Larry and Dennis Leight opened a boutique on Sunset Boulevard. The brothers initially sold vintage American eyewear acquired at auction, before launching their own range. Oliver Peoples is now famed for ultra-stylish, vintage-inspired frames with minimal branding. Look out for the 1950s-inspired optical frames, as well as the sleek, square-framed aviators. All pairs are handmade in Japan.

Oliver Spencer

Mr Oliver Spencer set up his eponymous label in London in 2002. Taking inspiration from hunting and military attire, as well as from Italy and Japan, Mr Spencer's collections combine elements of traditional British tailoring with contemporary streetwear influences, giving rise to streamlined and wearable clothes. Sleekly cut tweeds, solid knitwear and substantial canvas jackets are all made in Britain to celebrate and promote UK manufacturing.

Orlebar Brown

Orlebar Brown was launched in 2007 by photographer Mr Adam Brown in response to what he saw as the dire state of men's swimwear. Mr Brown's designs are both practical and comfortable for the beach, but his tailoring approach means they are also smart enough to wear for a drink at the bar or lunch by the pool. Mr Brown aimed to create more of a "short you can swim in", as opposed to a "swim short", and the fast-drying material makes the beach-to-restaurant transition seamless.

Our Legacy

Although the labels in Our Legacy's garments read "1980-81", the firm was actually established in Stockholm in 2005. The dates refer to the years of birth of the two founders, Messrs Christopher Nying and Jockum Hallin, as well as hinting at the brand's vintage sensibility. Our Legacy started as a line of T-shirts, before the designers showed their first full collection in 2008. The look is part preppy, part utility, and revolves around the concept of wardrobe staples which are never over-designed, so they will not go out of fashion or overshadow the wearer's personality. "We look at a garment as a product that you fill with your own cultural and personal values," Mr Hallin explains. Read more about Our Legacy.

An overcoat is made of a heavier, warmer cloth than a topcoat. If you live in a place with real winter, you might use a topcoat for the late autumn and early spring and keep an overcoat for the teeth-chattering months of January and February. Overcoats usually extend below the knee as opposed to a "car coat", a slightly antique term used to describe an overcoat that stops at the knees and leaves the drivers legs unencumbered to work the gas, clutch and brake pedals.

A textured and sporty cotton basket-weave shirt material, which allows the skin to breathe despite being substantial; it's perfect for weekend wear. Royal Oxford is a more refined version of the same thing.