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Mr Porter's Glossary of Men's Style

It was on the track at Iffley Road, England, that the four minute mile was broken in 1954. Embodying an adventurous approach to running, this brand creates classically stylish and highly functional athletic gear.

"Handmade in Italy, Designed in NY" is the philosophy behind Illesteva, a contemporary eyewear brand renowned for its stylish sunglasses. The firm is known for pushing the boundaries of eyewear by experimenting with materials as diverse as wood and natural buffalo horn. All pairs are handmade in Europe.

Italian label Incotex, part of the Slowear group, has specialised in impeccably well-constructed trousers and jeans since 1951. Produced with rigorous attention to detail, and cut from only the finest fabrics, each design is developed by the company to its exacting standards. Don't miss the other Slowear brands: Zanone for fine knitwear, Glanshirt for stylish shirts and Montedoro for quality outerwear.

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Indigo is named after the Indigofera Tinctoria plant, from which the dye of this vibrant hue was originally derived. It is one of the oldest known colorants, used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, and the word has been used to refer to a shade of blue since 1289. At one point in its history it became a valuable trading commodity and was known as 'blue gold'. Today it is most commonly associated with the denim industry since it is the traditional colouring for jeans.

The measurement from the crotch to the hem on a pair of trousers. This and the term "break" are the source of many bad jokes during alterations.