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Mr Porter's Glossary of Men's Style

Hakusan Megane

Established in 1883, Hakusan Megane is one of the oldest opticians in Japan, and is known for making Mr John Lennon's sunglasses. This Tokyo-based brand's frames are meticulously handcrafted, and will meet the standards of even the most discerning eyewear aficionados.

The feel of a fabric - ie "That cashmere-wool blend has a nice hand."

A charming imperfection found on bespoke suits along the edge of the lapel and other places where a craftsperson has put a garment together. Some larger apparel companies will now add this detail to mass-produced clothes to make them look more expensive.

Cloth that has been hand woven on the Hebridean islands of Uist, Harris, Barra and Lewis, which lie off the north west coast of Scotland. This definition was used for the creation of the Harris Tweed Act, a law that was passed in the British parliament in 1993.


Vintage finds from Clignancourt flea market were the inspiration for Mr Yves Chareton's Hartford brand, launched in Paris in 1979. The mix of vintage European styles and a more relaxed American aesthetic have gained Hartford a cult following and, because the brand has maintained a relatively "insider" status, it is a brilliant off-the-radar style choice.

Fibres from this relative of the cannabis plant have been woven into fabric for over 10,000 years. The resulting cloth is warm, lightweight and durable. Hemp fibres are often woven with other fibres, such as cotton, to produce blended materials.


A collarless T-shirt, with either long or short sleeves, that usually has two or three buttons under the neckline - imagine a polo shirt without a collar.


A search that every man can relate to - the hunt for the perfect white shirt - turned into the founding of an innovative menswear label for graphic designer Ms Alexia Hentsch and financier Mr Max Von Hurter. Exhausted by their search, in 2008 they created their own. Since then, the duo has adhered to a formula of slim cuts and classic, simple pieces devoid of any unnecessary adornment, attracting a loyal fan base along the way.

Cloth with a distinctive chevron pattern that is created by the way the fabric is woven. This can vary widely in size and conspicuousness.

A coarse woven material made from plant fibres, typically from the skin of the jute plant. Also known as burlap. In a more refined form the material is simply known as "jute," and is often seen on the soles of espadrilles. An alternative to hessian is raffia, which is another rough plant fibre.

The legendary Japanese tattoo artist Mr Horiyoshi III, who specialises in full-body irezumi tattoos, is the inspiration behind the Horiyoshi the Third line, a luxury fashion label that reworks the master's designs as prints on clothes and accessories. All items are made in Japan, while the limited production quantities ensure exclusivity.

Hunter wellingtons have become a style classic, worn by festival-goers and country gentlemen alike. UK-based Hunter manufactures different styles to suit a range of tastes; we particularly like the luxurious leather-lined pair, which comes in classic dark green.