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Mr Porter's Glossary of Men's Style

Eclectic by Tom Dixon

The celebrated product designer Mr Tom Dixon's Eclectic range is a collection of home accessories and gifts, inspired by British heritage and crafted from durable, high-quality materials including copper, marble and wood.


Edwin started life importing American jeans into Japan in 1947, but by 1961 it had begun producing its own denim. Tired of the poor quality of so much that was produced at the time, founder Mr Yonehachi Tsunemi insisted on producing the very best denim he could. In many ways, this helped to secure Japan's reputation as one of the key producers of premium denim, while the company has shaped the way we look at jeans in other ways: in the 1980s it invented the stone washing technique and is now a leader in expertly made raw and washed denim.

Decorative shoulder ornaments originally used by military organisations to indicate the wearer's regimental rank. The term now covers any sort of shoulder strap or detail; epaulettes are commonly found on trench coats and other items of clothing with military origins.


Raffia-soled summer shoes with a canvas upper that originated in the Pyrenees. See also: Castañer

For more than 40 years the family-run brand Etro has been synonymous with Italian style, elegance and quality. The founder's son, Mr Kean Etro, designs the menswear collections, which combine faultless craftsmanship with the artful use of print and colour.

Etro's menswear designer, Mr Kean Etro, talks about wearing pattern and colour