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Mr Porter's Glossary of Men's Style

A small strap on the outside of the waistband of trousers that is used instead of a belt to tighten or loosen the fit. Trousers without belt loops look cleaner and so more formal than those with them.

Dan Ward

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Dan Ward is a high-end beach and swimwear collection, which includes stylish sandals and tote bags in addition to the swimming trunks.

The denim jacket was born in the early 20th century, having derived from the jeans and denim overalls worn by American miners and labourers. Sometimes called ranch jackets because they were frequently worn by cowboys (as countless Western movies attest), denim jackets went on to become embedded in popular culture. Biker gangs such as Hell's Angels (who embroidered and customised theirs, sometimes cutting off the sleeves), punks, hippies, rockers, hip-hop stars and workwear aficionados have all staked a claim on the denim jacket over the past half century. Now that it has reached classic status, interpreted as it is by contemporary designers using high-quality fabrics and construction along with sleek cuts, the denim jacket integrates seamlessly into any man's wardrobe.

Dents has manufactured fine leather gloves since 1777, supplying illustrious customers over its history, including members of the British royal ramily. Dents gloves are made in Wiltshire, UK, using methods which have changed little since the company was founded. The gloves are cut by hand from premium leather, and there are 32 different operations involved in the production of each pair.

Derek Rose

Derek Rose is a three-generation family business, based on Savile Row in London, specialising in top-quality nightwear and loungewear. Only the finest materials are used, and all patterns and textiles are designed in-house. Over the years Derek Rose has supplied royalty, film stars and music legends. We think the right pyjamas can imbue the wearer with a timeless masculine elegance.


Located in Montebelluna, Italy, a town with a history in ski and hiking boot production stretching back more than 140 years, Diemme is a manufacturer renowned for its high-performance outdoors footwear. Only the best materials are used in the production of the boots, which are just as practical as they are stylish. We particularly favour the classic brown pair with red laces, which goes perfectly with jeans. Read more about Diemme

Dinner Jacket


A treatment that can be applied to any material but most often to jeans and other cotton trousers, and also leather. Distressing a garment involves artificially wearing, sanding, washing or marking it to make it look like it's well worn, when it is, in fact, new.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana was launched in Milan in 1985 when Mr Domenico Dolce and Mr Stefano Gabbana showed their debut collection. Since then, the brand has exploded into a global fashion phenomenon, winning legions of fans for its sleek, luxurious and distinctly Italian collections. Along the way the designers have scooped numerous awards and accolades, and are firmly cemented into fashion's hall of fame. Tailoring, tuxedos, leather outerwear and jeans are at the forefront of the collections this season.


A woollen fabric named after the county in Ireland where it's traditionally woven. While Donegal is effectively a kind of tweed, it is defined by the inclusion in the cloth of threads of contrasting colour, which appear as small spots spread randomly over the fabric.

Donkey Jacket

A short, wool coat that buttons up and is normally dark blue or black, often featuring leather patches across the shoulders and upper back. The jacket was traditionally worn by coal miners in the UK, hence its name is from a time when donkeys were also used in the mines to pull carts. In the past it has been associated with the political left because of its manual workforce origins.


With all production in Italy using carefully selected natural fibres, Doriani specialises in ultra-soft, luxurious cashmere knits, including polo shirts, cardigans and sweaters. The label was established in the 1930s, and its classic shapes and subdued colours speak of quietly assured masculine elegance.

A suit or blazer jacket with two sets of closures. The hidden buttons are known as jiggers. The style is a modern-day descendant of a British naval officer's dress, while the single-breasted jacket hearkens back to cavalry styles. Conventional wisdom has it that a double-breasted jacket can create a slimming effect on a fat man and accentuate the physique of a broad shouldered, tall one. Thinner men can look lost at sea in this style. Read more about double-breasted tailoring


Drake's is the biggest independent producer of handmade ties in England. Carrying out 18 separate quality checks on each of its ties (which are still made in London), the company has also demonstrated its fashion credentials by collaborating with Comme des Garçons and J.Crew, among others. We especially like the bold, patterned designs, which can be teamed with a pocket square for the ultimate in dandyish elegance. Read more about Drake's

This term has two separate but related meanings. The first is the way fabric hangs or falls. Heavier fabrics generally drape more attractively than lighter ones, but different fabrics drape differently - compare silk to linen.

The second meaning is specific to formal jackets and is both elusive and controversial; it refers to the amount of loose fabric in the chest and behind the shoulders, and particularly to a fold of cloth that runs vertically on the outer edge of the chest. The point of this is to accentuate the contrast between the width of the chest and the narrowness of the waist. The alternative to a suit cut with drape is a very clean chest, which is currently the prevailing fashion.

The duffle coat is the only item in the male wardrobe named after a town in Belgium. Duffel, population 16,500, lies 20km to the south of Antwerp, and lent its name to the heavy woollen cloth from which these coats were originally made. The weight of cloth was useful in WWI, when the British Royal Navy issued duffle coats to its sailors. In WWII the coats became indelibly associated with Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, which made their adoption by beatniks and peace protesters in the 1950s rather ironic. In its most classic form, the coat closes with horn-shaped buttons and leather straps known as "walrus teeth".

When Mr Alfred Dunhill took over his family's saddlery business in 1893, he dedicated himself to creating fine men's accessories and clothes, as well as motoring goods. In the days before cars were sold with accessories, Alfred Dunhill famously provided "everything but the motor", from dashboard clocks and horns to driving goggles and overcoats. In 1922 Mr Dunhill took out a patent for an interior light for bags, which he had developed to allow his wife to apply her lipstick with ease during ballet performances. Innovation, functionality and luxury have always been cornerstones of Dunhill, which has grown into a quintessentially British, men's luxury brand. The focus is squarely on timeless, masculine clothes and accessories, all created with great care and attention using only the best materials. Read more about Dunhill