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Mr Porter's Glossary of Men's Style


Crafting high-quality goods from animal horn takes enormous skill and know-how, qualities that Abbeyhorn has in abundance with more than 260 years' experience in the field. With a team of just nine artisans, the company expertly produces all of its items in the UK using local raw materials whenever possible.


Mr Harry N. Abrams established his eponymous publishing house in 1949 as the first company in the United States to specialize in making and distributing art and illustrated books. Dedicated to reproducing high-quality prints and illustrations, the firm is known today for its exceptional arts and architecture output.

Acne Studios

Acne Studios

Its name standing for "Ambition to Create Novel Expressions", the Swedish design collective Acne Studios came to the attention of the fashion world in 1997 when founder Mr Jonny Johansson designed 100 pairs of raw-denim jeans and handed them out to friends and family. Since then, the label has branched out from denim and is now a byword for sleek, easy-to-wear modern classics. Read more about Acne Studios


The creators behind Parisian label Adieu craft footwear with attitude. Each pair is based on the classic brothel creeper shape and references iconic sartorial styling inspired by teddy boys, punks and other British subcultures. The expertly constructed leather uppers and lightweight crepe rubber soles demonstrate a superb fusion of luxury and flair.



Australian grooming brand Aesop has won plaudits for its face, hair and body products which are as stylishly presented as they are effective. Artificial chemicals are eschewed in favour of the finest plant-based ingredients and fragrances, while the uniform bottles and tubes always look great on your bathroom shelf.


Sophisticated performance line Aether was founded by LA-living outdoor enthusiasts who believe design and function should be equal. Using technical fabrics, its performance-focussed line is contemporary, cool and practical.


The key to buying aftershave - and avoiding the sting - is to seek one that contains little to no alcohol as this ingredient can irritate and dry the skin, particularly if it has already been inflamed by shaving.

The metal or plastic tip at the end of a shoelace. Sometimes spelled "aiglet." For the etymologically inclined, the word originates from the Old French aguillette, which is the diminutive form of aguille, which means needle.

Alexander McQueen

After graduating from Central Saint Martins and gaining experience on Savile Row, Mr Alexander McQueen became one of the most important (and controversial) designers of his generation, with men's collections that were characterised by immaculate tailoring and dark, dramatic styling. After the designer's death in 2010, Ms Sarah Burton took up the design post. She brings a new energy to the collections while respecting the McQueen heritage.

After attending the prestigious Parsons College in New York City, Mr Alexander Wang went on to establish himself as one of the city's most exciting young designers and has attracted a cult following for his sporty clothes, which combine a downtown sensibility with sharp tailoring and high-quality fabrics. The look is urban cool, with an emphasis on dark colours.

When Mr Alfred Dunhill took over his family's saddlery business in 1893, he dedicated himself to creating fine men's accessories and clothes, as well as motoring goods. In the days before cars were sold with accessories, Alfred Dunhill famously provided "everything but the motor", from dashboard clocks and horns to driving goggles and overcoats. In 1922 Mr Dunhill took out a patent for an interior light for bags, which he had developed to allow his wife to apply her lipstick with ease during ballet performances. Innovation, functionality and luxury have always been cornerstones of Dunhill, which has grown into a quintessentially British, men's luxury brand. The focus is squarely on timeless, masculine clothes and accessories, all created with great care and attention using only the best materials. See Alfred Dunhill

The Spanish-born, Florence- based designer, Mr Álvaro González has a career spanning 17 years - designing accessories behind the scenes for major European luxury houses. Branching out on his own and working with specialist tanneries and artisanal workshops around Florence, his new company is renowned for its use of richly coloured calf and alligator skin.

Precision-turned metal cuff links are the speciality of Alice Made This, a new brand founded by Ms Alice Walsh, who previously worked as a designer at Tom Dixon and Conran. The manufacturing process is similar to that used for high-tolerance aerospace components, so the cuff links are as durable as they are good looking.


The Alpaca is the Peruvian cousin of the llama, and its wool is used for summer suits and jacket linings. When knitted, it creates a sumptuously soft handle and warm feel.



Although a relatively new label, Ami has already caught the attention of those in the know, having captured a perfectly Parisian vision of off-duty cool. This is thanks to the label's young designer, Mr Alexandre Mattiussi, who gained valuable experience at Dior, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy before going solo. He aims to create clothes that are quietly stylish, eschewing trends in favour of building a wardrobe of classic, timeless items. The easy-to-wear basics and sharp tailoring in snappy fabrics make this covetable label one to watch over the coming seasons. Read more about Ami

Mr Alexandre Mattiussi on making classics modern


Anderson's is an Italian firm specialising in fine leather and woven belts, all of which are manufactured in Parma, Italy. The founder, Mr Carlo Valenti, chose an English name when he established the company in 1966 because of his appreciation of traditional British style (the firm is actually named in homage to the Savile Row tailor, Anderson & Sheppard, which Mr Valenti favoured).

Ann Demeulemeester

The eponymous line of the influential Belgian designer - and member of the "Antwerp Six" - Ms Ann Demeulemeester's clothing is typified by its dark, romantic edge. At once Bohemian and luxurious, the designs are characterised by their soft, free-flowing fabrics and unstructured silhouettes.

Japanese brand Anonymous Ism is renowned for its stylish socks that feature bright designs and beautifully crafted patterns. Each pair is made by the company's experts, ensuring high comfort and quality. We like the camouflage and ikat styles which offer an easy way to add a touch of rebellion to smart or formal outfits.

Products which contain antioxidants (such as vitamins C and E) can help to prevent premature skin ageing and discolouration by combatting the damage caused by free radicals. These uncharged molecules are generated by negative environmental factors such as excessive sun exposure, air pollution, alcohol consumption and lack of sleep, and they contribute to wrinkles and age spots.


Founded by Mr Jean Touitou in 1987, A.P.C. (which stands for Atelier de Production et de Création) was born from a reaction against the ostentatious fashion that was all the rage in Paris at the time. With a belief that clothes should not overshadow the personality of the wearer, A.P.C. quickly became renowned for its simple, well-tailored wardrobe staples, inspired by workwear and free from embellishment. Today, the label's stylish, pared-down aesthetic seems as appropriate as ever; while trends come and go, there is something reassuringly constant and no-nonsense about Mr Touitou's signature brand of Parisian cool. Read more about A.P.C.


New York-based Armand Diradourian uses traditional weaving and knitting techniques to create exquisite cashmere travel and home goods. Handmade in Nepal, its richly coloured, unbelievably soft blankets and pillows will transform your next long-haul journey.

Aran Sweater

A wool or cashmere sweater, traditionally in ecru, that has a raised pattern woven through it. The name is derived from the Aran Islands, located off the west coast of Ireland, where the sweaters are still knitted by hand.

Arc'teryx Veilance

This Canadian label specialises in advanced performance clothes, with especially developed fabrics, designs and construction techniques combining to provide real protection from the elements. But this is only part of the Arc'teryx Veilance story. Meticulous attention to detail means that these items also have a clean, minimalist appearance. Unlike so much utility wear, pockets are discreet, colours are classic and construction is kept as lightweight as possible. Essential kit for the active gent.

Archer Adams

Launched in 2009 by the Portuguese model Mr Armando Cabral, who has always had a lifelong passion for footwear, this brand specialises in Italian-made leather and suede shoes with classic yet distinct designs for the modern gentleman who values elegance and individualism. Read more about Armando Cabral

Mr Alberto Aspesi has founded three brands in his distinguished career, and the Italian's eponymous line has gained a solid reputation for practical, well-made clothes for stylish men. Developing unique fabrics and particularly practical clothing have given this brand a lasting following, and the company is now more than 40 years old. Look out for the ever-popular padded outerwear.

The classic teardrop-shaped, wire-rimmed sunglasses originally developed for military pilots, as the name suggests. Other classic frame styles include ovals (worn by Mr John Lennon), shades (wide, almost ski-goggle frames initially developed for race car drivers), splits (tortoiseshell top and lenses open at the bottom), wayfarers, and wraparound (worn by Mr Aristotle Onassis).

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