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Mr Porter's Glossary of Men's Style

A dark suit fabric with small white or grey dots interspersed throughout. Similar to a pinhead, pindot or bird's eye pattern, all of which can be found lending subtle depth to socks, ties and suits.

Nap refers to the raised surfaces that are found on some cloths. The term "pile" refers to napped surfaces that are created intentionally, such as on velvet (as opposed to when a napped surface naturally arises, as a possibly undesirable by-product of the weaving process). A napped surface can be achieved after weaving on some un-napped fabrics by brushing the surface until it fluffs up.


Full-grain, soft lamb- or goatskin leather often used for jackets. It is generally less shiny in appearance than bovine leather, although this also depends on how it is tanned.

A quality ascribed to jackets with so little padding in the shoulder that the wearer's natural shoulder line is apparent. This kind of construction is associated with Neapolitan tailoring, and with the traditional American tailoring worn by the East Coast elite in the post-war period - the natural shoulder was an important part of the American "sack suit", which was popular among Ivy League circles. We like this style because it offers the comfort of a cardigan combined with the smartness of a jacket, and it helps to accentuate a tall, sleek silhouette by eliminating any unnecessary bulk at the shoulders.

Practicality has always defined the clothes worn by men at sea, from Breton stripes used to spot sailors who had fallen overboard to thick woollen pea coats designed to protect the wearer from sea spray and wind. And it is from this focus on the essentials that nautical-inspired clothes take their timeless, masculine appeal. So next time you're slipping into a pair of boat shoes, you can rest assured that you're making use of a tried and tested formula.

There are two schools in classical men's tailoring: the British one, which is best embodied by Savile Row, and the Neapolitan school. If English clothes owe their DNA to an equestrian past, Neapolitan clothes owe more to courtiers of the King of Naples. To this day, the Italian competitors to Savile Row produce suits that have an insouciance better suited to a boulevardier than a banker.

Some trademarks of Neapolitan tailoring that are still with us today can be seen on an Attolini suit, including the trumpet sleeve - it narrows at mid-arm and opens like a trumpet's mouth at the cuff to produce a sleek silhouette - and the baerchetta ("little boat") breast pocket, whose curvature mimics the line of the chest. Also note how the lapel is ironed to gently fold over and hide the suit's top button.

A single-breasted, lapel-less jacket that is buttoned high to a banded collar. It is named for former Indian prime minister Mr Jawaharlal Nehru.

Tokyo-based Neighborhood, not widely distributed outside Japan, was started in 1994 by Mr Shinsuke Takizawa. The label produces indomitably cool Japanese streetwear, with a level of high-fashion sophistication.

Mr Neil Barrett has been a renowned fashion designer for more than two decades, working for brands including Prada and Gucci. He launched his eponymous menswear line in 1999, and has built a strong signature style over the years including the label's famous "hand-aged" leather jackets, which have been worn by countless celebrities.

Founded in 1906 in Boston by Mr William Riley out of a purely practical desire to give the working man a comfortable footwear option, this sneaker brand has grown into an iconic global label. Today the company is a standard bearer for style married with athleticism and sport.

Cult Tokyo brand Undercover has collaborated with the global sportswear giant Nike, and the result is covetable, high-performance sportswear, which we are delighted to stock on MR PORTER this season. Your morning jog will have never been so stylish.


With a relaxed attitude, the Copenhagen label NN.07 describes itself as "the open-minded brand with no borders" (indeed, "NN" stands for "No Nationality"). This translates into a range of stylish wardrobe staples, from jeans to patterned knits, which the company bills as the classics of tomorrow because they are built to last and are intended not to go out of style.

This English town has been a centre of quality shoemaking since the 17th century. Some of the brands that are still headquartered here include Church's and John Lobb.

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Nudie Jeans has specialised in premium denim since it was founded in 2001. Collaborating with musicians to produce videos, and with Amnesty International on human rights awareness, the brand has an upbeat, youthful edge, underscored by its stylish designs. Read more about Nudie Jeans