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Mr Porter's Glossary of Men's Fashion


Lanvin, France's oldest couture house, was founded in 1889 by Ms Jeanne Lanvin. Now under the creative directorship of Mr Alber Elbaz and Mr Lucas Ossendrijver, the men's collections are acclaimed for their louche, detail-focused aesthetic. From stylish accessories to luxurious yet laid back clothing, Lanvin has a place in every man's wardrobe. The cool suede and patent leather sneakers and high-tops have a near-cult following, and are favoured by the likes of Jay-Z and Mr David Beckham.

Mr Lucas Ossendrijver talks about the sneaker:

The lapels are the extension of a collar and roll or fold back to the buttoning point over the stomach. They are notch or peak; shawl with neither a notch or a peak (this is only usually used on dinner or smoking jackets); or Nehru (AKA Mandarin) with a small stand-up collar. Double-breasted jackets always have peak or shawl lapels.

The skin or hide of an animal that has been cleaned, dried, tanned and dressed. Leather is the outside of the skin, while suede is the inside.

Founded in 1853 by Mr Levi Strauss, Levi's has become one of the world's most recognised brands since producing its first pair of modern jeans in the 1920s. Levi's continues to live up to its long-held reputation for workwear style, producing a wide range of quality denim, vintage-inspired apparel and chambray shirts. From the iconic shrink-to-fit 501s - a style institution in their own right - to the looser-fitting 505s, a versatile pair of Levi's is perhaps the ultimate base for any man's wardrobe. Dress them up with a blazer and lace-up shoes, or dress down with sneakers and a check shirt.

Mr Maurizio Donadi, senior vice president of Levi's, talks about the importance of denim

Strictly speaking, Liberty print refers to the intricate prints (often featuring floral designs) that were developed by the London department store Liberty, but the term is now used more broadly to refer to any similar patterns.

A fabric made from the stem of the flax plant. It is more lustrous and sturdier than cotton. Irish linen is some of the best and is used in sport coats, handkerchiefs and tablecloths. "Show a little linen" is a tailor's admonition, meaning the sleeve of your suit jacket should be short enough to allow a quarter- to a half-inch of shirting to appear.

Cotton yarn that is passed near a gas flame to remove the fuzz. Used in high-end socks and shirts. It takes its name from the French town of Lille, which was once called Lisle. See also brushed cotton.


Lock & Co has been producing hats since 1676. It was first to design the iconic bowler hat in 1850, and legend has it that a postcard addressed simply to "The best hatters in the world, London" was once delivered to Lock's. There was no need for a name or address.

Living in London, Mr Jamie Milestone has had plenty of experience in dealing with woeful weather; he combined this with his design expertise to launch London Undercover, a label whose umbrellas are built to last using traditional methods but whose designs - which include camouflage and map prints - are anything but.

Loop-back material has small loops visible on its underside, which are a result of the weaving process. It is most often found on cotton sweatshirts.

One of the world's leading manufacturers of fine fabrics, Loro Piana was founded in 1924, but for the past 20 years has also manufactured supremely luxurious clothes and accessories. Characterised by ultra-fine cashmere and merino wool, the collections are imbued with timeless Italian elegance.
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London-based designer Mr Ollie Amhurst started Lot78 after 10 years at Giorgio Armani, and the label is now a byword for cool casualwear, with a strong focus on quality. Known for its leather biker jackets, the brand also offers off-duty wardrobe staples.

Since launching his line in 2001, Brazilian jeweller Mr Luis Morais has won legions of fans for his understated beaded jewellery, which often has a dark, Gothic edge thanks to the designer's signature skull and cross embellishments. Mr Morais' designs may look deceptively simple, but each piece is immaculately constructed from fine materials, including ebony, sandalwood and gold.

Mr Luis Morais talks about how to wear jewellery

Founded in 1989, Luminox specialises in Swiss-made watches that are easy to read in low-light situations, thanks to their innovative self-powered illumination technology. The brand's name is derived from the Latin words for "light" and "night", and for 20 years the firm has supplied the US Navy SEALs - proof of the watches' strength and dependability.