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Words by Mr Peter Henderson

"We strongly believe that the quality and craftsmanship of yesteryear can be seamlessly merged with a modern interpretation of today's style"

Mr Liam Fayed, co-founder, Bespoken

Although based in New York City, Bespoken is inspired by the traditional outfitters of London's Savile Row, as its name suggests. Founded in 2008 by two sets of brothers, Messrs James, Liam and Sam Fayed, and Messrs Carlos and Paulo Goncalves, the brand specialises in shirts that fuse traditional quality and construction with a close-fitting, contemporary aesthetic. The two families met through music (Mr Sam Fayed replied to Mr Paulo Goncalves' Craigslist ad seeking a drummer for his band), but they soon turned to menswear thanks to the Fayeds' connection to the famed British shirtmaker, Turnbull & Asser. "Bespoken is the only brand produced out of the legendary Turnbull & Asser shirting factory in Gloucester, England," Mr Liam Fayed says, explaining the label's appeal among guys who appreciate old world quality but simultaneously desire modern silhouettes with a rock'n'roll twist. "The shirt patterns we sent to the Turnbull & Asser factory were very different to what they were used to seeing; we would get calls asking, 'Are you sure about these patterns? They're very slim'," Mr Fayed laughs. But the factory clearly got to grips with Bespoken's raised armholes, narrower silhouettes and slim collars, since the finished products are indeed sleek and contemporary while bearing testament to Turnbull & Asser's meticulous 36-step production process. Bespoken is new to MR PORTER this season, and we are delighted to stock the label's shirts and ties.

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