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"The perfectly-ironed shirt should take approximately five minutes to complete but take your time as hurrying can cause some ugly mistakes. You should always adhere to the recommended temperature settings on the iron and turn on the steam (these features are there to help you) making sure there is the proper amount of water inside. Check the label for the shirt's material; 100 per cent cotton and linen will need a high setting and a cool iron will not remove the wrinkles properly."

some common mistakes...

common mistakes

Never iron a shirt that is not 100 per cent clean as this can set stains into the fabric. Shirts should be changed daily to avoid ingrained soiling


After removing your shirt from the machine, hang it until slightly damp to make ironing easier. This will give the shirt a nice crisp finish. If you've over-dried your shirts then slightly dampen them before ironing


Linen shirts require particular washing and ironing methods. Some linen can be machine-washed but repeatedly doing so will make linen soft. You should always air-dry them after washing but dry cleaning will keep them looking crisp


It's tempting when in a hurry to just swipe the iron over the top of the buttons. This is not advisable, particularly as nowadays many buttons are made of plastic and not the more heat-withstanding mother-of-pearl. Half melted or broken buttons will just ruin the overall finish

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