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Words by Mr Peter Henderson
"We're sort of putting out a new version of what a guy with style looks like. It's masculine, it's kind of nerdy, and it offers something ephemeral that guys can make a connection to"
Mr Scott Sternberg, founder and creative director, Band of Outsiders

Although Band of Outsiders is now a renowned fashion label, its creation was almost accidental. The founder, Mr Scott Sternberg originally worked for the CAA talent agency in Los Angeles. When he struggled to find a shirt that he liked for work, he created his own, making the fabric softer and the fit closer but less rigid than that of existing dress shirts. His clients began to take note, and soon started requesting the shirt themselves, with the actor Mr Jason Schwartzman among the first. From these beginnings, Band of Outsiders was born. Now the brand is known for its modern, preppy clothes inspired by nostalgic Americana yet updated with offbeat twists. "At the end of the day, I'm just trying to create something that feels modern and imminently wearable," Mr Sternberg says.