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Photography by Mr Nick Dorey | Styling by Mr Tony Cook

There's a host of tempting knitwear out there this season and - whether it's polo necks, cable knits, patterned sweaters or chunky cardigans - we've never longed more for a truly cold turn to give us an excuse to bring it all out. But if you're not feeling brave enough for a retro-look Fair Isle and are shunning the return of the Christmas jumper, then the striped sweaters on offer this winter - a continuation of one of summer's big trends - might be just the answer. We asked musician Mr James Michael, from Liverpool - home to the Beatles - to model five looks that we think work rather well. You might recognise Mr Michael as a contestant on the British version of a little TV show called The X Factor. Why, you might ponder, feature someone from that show on MR PORTER? Well, we understand your concern, but we thought the 20-year-old, who was harshly kicked off from the first live show, had a nice little look going on. And an abundance of charm. So here he is, posing for our shoot, in the midst of a hectic schedule of performing at small gigs around the country and recording some tracks he's written with just him, his guitar and an iPad.

Although Mr Michael says he was very disappointed to leave The X Factor so early on, and miss out on the chance to return in a plot twist a few weeks ago, he's really proud that he managed to beat thousands of other aspiring musicians to make it to the live shows at all. And now, with Mr James Morrison as his inspiration, he's going to carry on with his music - and with 43,000 Twitter followers, he's already established a healthy fanbase. We wish Mr Michael the best of luck.