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Words by Mr Benjamin Seidler
Plus below, more of MR PORTER'S
favourite festivals:
1st - 5th June
Hercules and the Love Affair headline one of Europe's best indoor festivals in locations spread across the picturesque central European city of Graz
4th June - 27th November
A fairground of art in which the installations feel like attractions. Visitors are afforded hundreds of contemporary art experiences in countless pavilions on the banks of the Grand Canal
22nd - 26th June
Beyoncé has promised to fill the main stage with 200 African dancers - if that's not a reason to brave the muddy English countryside, what is?
1st - 16th July
A line-up that includes Ms Liza Minnelli and Mr James Blake reflects the old-meets-new nature of this elegant and soulful event
7th - 10th July
What started off as a hotbed for student activism is now a leading indie music festival headlined by MIA and House of Pain
14th - 17th July
Suede and Paolo Nutini are performing at this relaxed mixed-arts festival alongside Sadler's Wells dance company
21st - 24th July
A festival that encourages costumes and creativity with a surprising line up that includes Blondie
July 2nd - August 10th
This open-air opera festival set in the ruins of Rome's ancient baths exudes classic Continental charm
25th July - 28th August
A staple in the opera-addict's diary, this festival only stages operas by Mr Richard Wagner - and does so in an elegant 19th century setting
8th - 15th August
Watch the reformed Brit-pop band Pulp and swoon to Mr Jarvis Cocker's croon at this island festival
29th August - 5th September
The website says: "Trying to explain what Burning Man is to someone who has never been to the event is a bit like trying to explain what a particular color looks like to someone who is blind." We say it's something between a rock concert and art festival that is held in a desert
3rd - 5th September
View Donald Judd's masterpieces of contemporary art at the cutting-edge Chinati Foundation in the middle of the Texan desert while witnessing these paranormal UFO-like lights that appear once a year
6th - 11th September
If you like yachts, you'll probably enjoy seeing loads of them together. And if you need an excuse to wear your docksiders, this is it
8th - 11th September
East London hipsters migrate south for this quirky music festival that offers an eclectic mix of funk, folk and rock with a "rock stars, pop stars and divas" fancy dress theme